Apr 222015

Lightroom 6 has been announced, and (finally!) it does facial recognition and tagging! Hooray! It does mean a lot of work I’ve done in migrating face data from Picasa to Lightroom might now be redundant… although if I have to re-tag thousands of photos I’ll still be writing a utility to migrate the data for [more…]

Oct 122013

OK, I’m sick and damn tired of deleting rogue user account requests on this site. Why do you scumbags even bother? To all you real people out there, I sincerely do apologise, but I’m not prepared to put up with up to 6 or more phantom user account requests (every single one of them from [more…]

Jul 122013

OK, so I had recognised the need to properly manage my growing collection of images. If you’re paying attention you would have noted that I said “images”, not “photos” (despite the title of this article!). Hmm. Remember, that includes a number, soon to be in the hundreds and eventually in the thousands, of scanned photos [more…]

Jun 162013

Shock! Horror! You’ve discovered that one of your ancestors married a first cousin! Do visions of genetic abnormalities start streaming through your mind? Read on and ease your mind… Have no fear! The further back you go the more likely you are to find cousins marrying, perhaps even an ancestor or two who married a [more…]

Jun 162013

Welcome to DavoWeb. After almost seven years as a Joomla site, I decided that the Joomla environment was way more than I need. So DavoWeb is now based on WordPress, with the intention that I’ll be a bit more active in posting. It may be a few days before I get everything set up the [more…]