Jan 202020

Sadly, the genealogy pages on davoweb.net have been languishing without updates for several years, not least because the media links were in a mess and some add-ons I was using were broken after updates to WordPress or PHP, the computer language that drives this (and many other) websites. Over the last couple of months I bit the bullet and updated TNG, the excellent software package that davoweb.net uses to display the family tree, modified the settings so it’s in harmony with the rest of the site, updated the data and sorted out the media links. Amongst the updates are dozens of new people and more than 100 new photos.

On my desktop I use Family Tree Maker, linked with Ancestry.com, for data entry and research. Although nominally it’s a straightforward process to get information and media from FTM into TNG, it’s been quite a process to get the results in the way I want, and properly flag people as Living to protect their privacy. If any visitors are interested in the processes I’ve put together, feel free to contact me for more information.

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