Jun 222020

My screen design for OziExplorer for Android has been updated to version 4. The original design was configured for 1200×800 resolution screens which was a bit weird; version 2 uploaded 7 June 2020 was designed for 1280×800 screens (eg Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8.0). It incorporated a few changes introduced with OziExplorer for Android v. 1.34, including the handling of GPX Waypoint & Track files and the removal of SMS functionality, as well as a few cosmetic changes.

Version 3 uploaded 13 June was a major rework offering a cleaner interface with larger buttons. Following some user feedback and additional thought, version 4 has now been made available. Its major feature is the “Max Map” page with minimal interface elements so the map itself occupies almost the whole screen. In addition this design is now also available in a lower-resolution 1024×600 format. Download it and the associated Quick Guide, a 2-minute read containing details of installation and the unique features of these designs, from my OziExplorer for Android page.

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