Jul 272020

I’ve been looking for the user manual for my trusty old McCulloch 2214AV chainsaw for a while to get some specs. I need to get a spare chain – the current one is missing a couple of cutters & getting pretty worn – and I want to give it the once-over. Couldn’t find the original manual so I went searching on the internet. There’s a few sites that say they’ve got it but you’ve got to pay up-front for a membership. No thanks! I found a spare parts manual but it wasn’t a great help. Even the official McCulloch website doesn’t have the manual so it looked like I was out of luck.

Then I was tidying up something else the other day and, lo and behold, there it was! A little the worse for having been sitting in the bottom of a drawer full of tools for years, but at least I found it! I scanned it & added it to my collection of digital manuals for future reference. In case others are also in the same boat I’m now making it available for download here:

McCulloch 2214AV Chainsaw User Manual


  4 Responses to “McCulloch 2214AV Chainsaw User Manual”

  1. Thank you. Handy to identify service parts.

  2. Thanks for the information I lost mine as well

  3. Awesome, thanks for taking the time and trouble.

  4. Thanks so much

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