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I’ve been using OziExplorer for Windows since 2001, Windows CE in its day, and more recently OziExplorer for Android. One of the nice features built-in to the latter is the ability to create your own screen designs. Inspired by several designs made available by contributors to the 4x4Earth forum, together with those of my (old) Hema Navigator, here are some screen shots of my design. (Real-time navigation screen shots coming soon… I just need another pair of hands to capture the screen. 🙂 ) It’s designed for 1200×800 resolution devices (eg Samsung Galaxy Tabs) in landscape mode only, and has been developed & tested using OziExplorer for Android v. 1.29 and the Ozi Screen Designer utility v. 1.13 only.

Feel free to download and use this either as is or modify it to your own taste 🙂 Installation: simply copy the download file to the folder where OziExplorer is installed on your device (typically the Tablet\OziExplorer folder on your device), then run OziExplorer and select the following menus in turn: Main Menu (from the “hamburger” link in the top right corner of the screen), then Operation | General and finally Load Page File (landscape) and navigate to the download file. Enjoy…



Landscape 1200x800 Screen design for OziExplorer for Android 247KB 34 downloads

This is my screen design package for OziExplorer for Android. ...

Images for my OziExplorer for Android screen design 47kb 26 downloads

This zip file contains the images used for my screen design for OziExplorer for Android....

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